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About Jac


Twenty years of coaching people in various contexts.


Thirty years of happy marriage to the same wife!


Twenty years in a high pressure environment as an Air Traffic Controller.

Hi, my name is Jac, I’m married to Megan, and we have 3 grown up kids in their 20’s, each pursuing their studies and passion for professional careers. 


After school, I joined the military and worked for 20 years in the SA Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). My first decade of service was full time and the second 10 years, part time whilst also working for an international faith organisation. 


During my time in the military and whilst working for New Frontiers, I took a number of training courses in leadership, a degree course in human sciences, courses in all the disciplines of ATC and a range of faith-based courses, majoring in entrepreneurship, counselling, mentorship and coaching. 


The world of ATC gave me the best opportunity to develop myself in decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership. I’ve since gained much experience starting up faith-based companies and non-profits. I’ve had the privilege of grooming and empowering leaders, coaching and mentoring couples and singles through every phase of life, particularly at major turning points in their lives.


I currently direct a young faith-based company as well as a non-profit in the community development sector. I run a business in Life Coaching, Mentoring and Marriage Counselling. I’m also a licensed Wedding Officiant.


I love this space and phase of life. It keeps me relevant and in touch with the real world. During the crazy season of Covid, I’ve learned a lot about the digital world, gaining competence in virtual online consults with clients from around the world.


All this life experience has set me up with insights, skills and passions which I’m able to impart to your life. I will help you find fresh hope for your life. I want you to get clarity of purpose, a secure identity, and a compelling vision to empower you to make the rest of your life count for good.


Three adult children. Two who are currently studying and one is a graduated biokineticist.


A former lieutenant colonel in the military and a pastor of four churches.


  • Successfully established and led three seperate churches.

my Services


  • One-on-one coaching
  • Workshops
  • Six week programme
  • On-going mentoring


  • Wedding day service
  • Marriage documentation
  • Marriage preparation
  • Marriage coaching

How equipped are you to make the rest of your life really count for good?

Are you flying with clear vision or grovelling in foggy nearsightedness?

Healthy resilience is built on clarity of purpose.

How do you see your future? With vague trepidation or vivid foresight?

Keep your eye on the target and you’ll handle any crisis.

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